Hi There!  I am Debbie.  Welcome to my Site.
Let me tell you a little about myself...
I have been doing hair now for 29 years, and worked for almost 4 years at a large Hotel on the Las Vegas Strip, where we prepared a lot of brides and wedding parties for their big day.  I now work in a salon near my home in Boulder City, when I am not out doing brides or answering e-mail.  I enjoy my local clientele and like being near the kid's schools and home.
I also teach pottery on Wednesday nights at the Art Center in Boulder City.  This is my therapy!  I enjoy working with clay and I do occasionally show and sell my pieces at local art shows.
I moved to the Las Vegas area over 9 years ago from St. Petersburg, Florida where I grew up since the age of 8, and owned a salon for 5 years, to be with my family who had all previously moved west.
     My sister 
before her wedding
I graduated from Lakewood High school in January1977 and Cosmetology School in March 1978.  I love doing hair, in fact I am a third generation stylist, following my
mother and her mother before her.  My mother is now a watercolor artist 
She has some beautiful Indian Wedding Vase prints that make a nice
wedding gift for your southwest wedding... (Visit her website at  -  www.SouthwestArtPrints.com) I have done a few art shows myself.  In my
spare time I also do pottery - I teach a class every Wednesday night at the
Art Center in Boulder City in wheel throwing and handbuilding with clay.

I have been married for 28 years and have three children.  2 big boys and a little girl. 
My oldest son left us on August 1, 2001, after one year at UNLV, and joined the army.  After graduating boot camp at Ft. Benning, GA on December 7th, 2001 he
was stationed at Schofeild Barracks in Hawaii.  He is out of theArmy now,
working in security, with aspirations of becoming a police officer in the
future. On June 7, 2002 he  came home on leave and married his high
school sweetheart.  Sadly, the marriage did not last much longer than
3 years, but one beautiful thing did come from it - on March 5, 2005 we
became grandparents for the first time! 
I also a son who is in Reno attending UNR.  (University of Nevada at Reno)
After living in a dorm the first year and getting adjusted to college life,
he joined a fraternity and moved into the Frat House.          
I have these visions of him being the John Belushi character in Animal House!!  As long as he keeps his grades up and studies hard, keeping the Millienum Scholorship, that Nevada gives to all high school students graduating with a 3.0 or higher, that pays for his tuition - all is good!
Our 13 year old daughter is in middle school - 7th grade -  So we have a ways to go yet!
The boys were very involved in sports, football, wrestling, baseball, and golf.
Our daughter has played softball the last two years and hopes to play volleyball too.
We have spent a lot of our lives at fields or gyms and it was sad when alot of that ended! 
The rest of our free time together we enjoy exploring in the desert, having picnics, swimming at Lake Mead or playing in the winter snow and sledding on Mt. Charelston. 


I wish you a happy marriage and good luck while in Las Vegas!

My Boys -
Jimmy & Justin
Justin and Chris Angel
Mind Freak
Maddison  11 mos.
my granddaughter
Art Show Dec. 2005
My daughter Alexis and I went to see The Moody Blues   - Hey -  it was free!!!
New Years Eve Party